Compress PNG\JPEG images online with web tools

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 11:13 pm

I found a few free online web services that let you compress PNG and JPEG images online from your web browser, you just need to upload the image and the web service will compress it, reducing the image file size of up tp 90% maintaining a good image quality. I found them useful because I was away and I was able to quickly compress a few very big JPEG images (25MB+) using just my Android phone.



This web service seems rather new but in my personal tests it was able to compress up to 90% a big PNG image that other web services failed to compress. It has a good compression rate also for JPEG images, maintaining a pretty good image quality compared with the competitors that make the JPEG image quality too low.



This is the most known web service to compress PNG and JPEG images and has a decent compression rate maintaining a decent image quality (some JPEGs may come up with too low quality). I personally prefer but also this service is very good, it supports also multiple image uploads but the image file size limit is only 5MB.



This image optimization tools allows you to compress and also resize (width) of JPG\JPEG images. It is very easy to use and you can specify the image compression level to adjust the compression and the image quality. The website doesn’t support responsive but it works fine on mobile too.

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