Mount your Dedibox HDD in RescueMode

Posted on November 12, 2016 at 11:44 am

Start the Dedibox in rescue mode from your Console panel.

Then wait 5 minutes before the server is fully loaded in rescue mode.

Then try to connect via SSH to the Dedibox IP with the new credentials.

Now type “sudo su” and enter your user password (you will become root).

Then type “find / -name” to locate the script used to mount the HDD:


Now type “/usr/local/sbin/” to run the script, example output:

mdadm: md device /dev/md0 does not appear to be active.
/dev/sda3 ressemble à un espace de SWAP et ne sera donc pas monté.
/dev/md0 ne peut être monté.
/dev/sda1 vient d'être monté dans /mnt/sda1
/dev/sda2 vient d'être monté dans /mnt/sda2
/dev/sda4 vient d'être monté dans /mnt/sda4

All the partitions of your Dedibox are now mounded on:


Browse these directories to troubleshoot boot errors or to backup your files.

Then when done just restart the server in normal mode.

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