Simulate Multiple Monitors in VMWare guest

Posted on January 9, 2018 at 7:12 pm

You can have one large host window with multiple monitors in the guest:

1) Power off the VM then go to VM > Settings > Hardware > Display

2) Select “Specify monitor settings”, and set “Number of monitors” to 2 or more.

3) Uncheck Autofit Guest by going to Edit > Preferences > Display.

* If you’ll use the VM in full screen mode, select one of the other full screen modes.

4) Power on the VM.

5) In the guest you need to enable the other display and this is OS-specific.

In a Windows 7 guest, go to Control Panel > Screen Resolution. You might need to click the “Detect” button, which should add a new “VMware SVGA” entry to the “Display” drop-down list. Select it, then for “Multiple displays” select “Try to connect anyway”. Click Apply (important) and then for “Multiple displays” you can select “Extend these displays”. Click OK/Apply.

More information on this link:

Multiple virtual monitors for a VMware guest in windowed mode?

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