Fortnite TCP/UDP Ports to Open on Router or Firewall

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 6:28 pm

If you want to play Fortnite and you’re behind a router or firewall you need to open specific TCP and UDP ports to make sure Fortnite works fine and to avoid network connection problems.

To play Fortnite online you need to open port 80, 443 and 5222.

You need to open those ports in your router and on the firewall software.

Other things you can do to improve network connectivity are:

1) Try to change your DNS servers to Google Public DNS
2) Try to reboot your router or modem
3) Try to temporary disable your firewall software
4) Make sure to have afast Internet connection
5) Don’t watch streaming or similar while playing Fortnite
6) Stop all applications that use a lot of bandwidth

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