Linux Client Tools that Support TLS (GnuTLS, OpenSSL, Socat, Ncat, Telnet-SSL)

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 3:16 pm

Here are some Linux tools that support TLS/SSL connection:

1) GnuTLS has a TLS client tool on Linux, example:

gnutls-cli -p 993

* Use -s for STARTTLS

2) OpenSSL supports TLS via s_client option, example:

openssl s_client -connect

* Use -starttls imap or -starttls smtp for STARTTLS

3) socat supports TLS via openssl: option, example:

socat stdio

To use readline mode just use this:

socat readline

4) ncat from Nmap supports TLS (not STARTTLS) via --ssl option, example:

ncat --ssl 993

5) telnet-ssl package on Debian supports TLS via -z ssl option, example:

telnet-ssl -z ssl 993

* Use starttls from the Ctrl + ] escape menu to enable STARTTLS

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