“Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey” Scam

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 10:07 pm

If you got an email with a subject like “Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion” beware that it is a scam! Do not participate in the survey, it is a fraudulent website that push you to purchase other products so the online scammers are paid for each purchase you make.

This is the content of the email received:

Dear user, congratulations!
We want to thank you for being a loyal Google user! Your IP address has been randomly selected to receive a FREE Apple iPhone X.
From time to time we select a handful of Google users to give them the opportunity to receive valuable gifts from our partners and sponsors. This is our way of thanking you for choosing Google as your preferred search engine.
Today is your lucky day! You are one of the 10 randomly selected users who will receive this gift.
To receive your gift, you simply have to complete our short and anonymous survey. But hurry! There are only a few gifts available today!
How satisfied are you with Google?

If you used a credit card on the fraudulent survey website please make sure to contact your bank and cancel the payment or block the card, else online scammers may get more money from your card. If you just completed the survey without entering credit card details, beware that online scammers may contact you to sell you other products or to participate in another survey.

Here are other fraudulent websites related to this scam are:


Always check if a website is a scam before buy anything!

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