Best Software Licensing Services to License Your Apps

Posted on October 20, 2018 at 10:04 pm

If you plan to sell a software application for Windows, Mac or mobile devices you will need a software licensing system to license and distribute your application. You don’t have to rehinvent the wheel by creating your own software licensing system, you can use one of the most modern and affordable software licensing services:


Cryptlex is a powerful software licensing API built to help you achieve business growth. With Cryptlex you can easily license and distribute your Windows or Mac desktop apps, mobile apps (Android or iOS), on-premise software, IoT apps and other digital goods effortlessly. It has a very good documentation, it has code examples on the Cryptlex Github profile, and it offers a very easy to use dashboard to create and manage your products and their licenses. The pricing is very affordable, it starts from $10 USD /month for 100 licensed users, $40 USD /month for 1,000 licensed users, and so on.


Keygen is a dead-simple software licensing API built for developers to license desktop apps, on-premise software, and other digital products. Same as for Cryptlex, it has a very easy to use dashboard and has a very good documentation with code samples and additionally, it also offers an example to integrate Keygen to handle licensing for software sold with Stripe. The pricing is affordable, it starts from $19 USD /month for 450 licensed users, $59 USD /month for 5,000 licensed users, and so on.

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