Quota ‘IN_USE_ADDRESSES’ exceeded. Limit: 8.0 in region

Posted on February 18, 2019 at 10:22 pm

If you get this error message when you try to create a new Compute Engine instance:

Quota 'IN_USE_ADDRESSES' exceeded. Limit: 8.0 in region...

Then it looks like you reached the quota of IP addresses in use.

To solve this, you need to ask to modify the quota of:

This is the page to edit your quotas:


Make sure to toggle the “Quota type” Dropdown in the top left of the page and select “Quotas with usage”. So should be able to see the “In-use IP addresses” item from the list.

Here you can read more info about GCE Quota Increase:


And here are more details about Resource Quotas:


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