Download Old Sent Emails on POP Account with Thunderbird

Posted on May 15, 2020 at 2:07 pm

POP mail accounts can only access and download inbox messages. However you can use a smart workaround to download also old sent messages, in short what you can do is create a new IMAP mail account, download the sent emails there, then select all sent emails, copy them to the POP mail account’s sent folder, and at the end remove the IMAP mail account. Below there is the procedure explained more in details:

Create a new account for the same email address but this time set it as IMAP to download all the old sent messages. Once all the sent messages have been fully downloaded/synched in the IMAP mail account, you can select all entries via Edit -> Select -> All, then right-click with the mouse over one of the selected entries and click on “Copy To”, select the POP account -> Sent folder (or any other folder, such as you can create a new folder named OldSent).

Now all selected email messages will be copied from the IMAP account to your POP account and will be downloaded on your computer (it can take some time if you have many entries). Once this has finished, you can remove the IMAP account, that was used only to get the sent messages. You should now have all the sent messages in your POP account.

This way I was able to get old sent messages in my POP account.

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