Download and Install OpenVPN Client on Windows 10

Posted on November 6, 2020 at 7:27 pm

1) Download and install OpenVPN client from here:

For example:


* During installation it will download .NET Framework 4

* You will need to enable Windows Updates else .NET Framework 4 installation will fail

2) Download and install TAP-Windows drivers from here:

For example:


3) Check that TAP-Windows has been successfully installed:

You should see two new network adapters “TAP-Windows Adapter V9”.

4) Now copy the .ovpn file where you installed OpenVPN client

5) Open the OpenVPN GUI (right-click -> Run as Administrator)

6) Right-click on the icon in the tray and select “Import File…”

7) Select the .ovpn file and click on “Connect”

8) Once connected, open Firefox and check what is your IP address

9) You should now see your IP address is hidden with the OpenVPN server IP

10) All traffic is now encrypted by OpenVPN client

Additional information:

* All imported .ovpn config files are saved here:


* OpenVPN GUI is installed here:

C:\Program Files\OpenVPN

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