InnoSetup error the servicemanager is not available

Posted on January 9, 2021 at 1:34 pm

This error happens with InnoSetup v6+

It is related to functions used to manage Windows services, such as:

function OpenServiceManager() : HANDLE;
    if UsingWinNT() = true then begin
        Result := OpenSCManager('','',SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS);
        if Result = 0 then
            MsgBox('the servicemanager is not available', mbError, MB_OK)
    else begin
            MsgBox('only nt based systems support services', mbError, MB_OK)
            Result := 0;

More information here:

To fix it, replace the “A@” (ANSI) with “W@” (Unicode):

function OpenSCManager(lpMachineName, lpDatabaseName: string; dwDesiredAccess :cardinal): HANDLE;
external 'OpenSCManagerW@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function OpenService(hSCManager :HANDLE;lpServiceName: string; dwDesiredAccess :cardinal): HANDLE;
external 'OpenServiceW@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function CloseServiceHandle(hSCObject :HANDLE): boolean;
external 'CloseServiceHandle@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function CreateService(hSCManager :HANDLE;lpServiceName, lpDisplayName: string;dwDesiredAccess,dwServiceType,dwStartType,dwErrorControl: cardinal;lpBinaryPathName,lpLoadOrderGroup: String; lpdwTagId : cardinal;lpDependencies,lpServiceStartName,lpPassword :string): cardinal;
external 'CreateServiceW@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function DeleteService(hService :HANDLE): boolean;
external 'DeleteService@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function StartNTService(hService :HANDLE;dwNumServiceArgs : cardinal;lpServiceArgVectors : cardinal) : boolean;
external 'StartServiceW@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function ControlService(hService :HANDLE; dwControl :cardinal;var ServiceStatus :SERVICE_STATUS) : boolean;
external 'ControlService@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function QueryServiceStatus(hService :HANDLE;var ServiceStatus :SERVICE_STATUS) : boolean;
external 'QueryServiceStatus@advapi32.dll stdcall';
function QueryServiceStatusEx(hService :HANDLE;ServiceStatus :SERVICE_STATUS) : boolean;
external 'QueryServiceStatus@advapi32.dll stdcall';

More information here:

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