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Increase volume of videos online for free

Do you need to increase or reduce the volume of video files? We found VideoLouder converter that lets you increase or decrease the volume of video files online and for free! You simply need to select a video file (max 500MB) and upload it on the service, then wait a few seconds (or minutes, it […]

How to check if a website is a scam?

When I need to buy goods online from unknown websites I always use free services to check the reputation of these shopping websites before buy something from them. There are many smart ways to check if a website is a scam, I always check the website reputation on multiple sources, I check if the shopping […]

Free Alternative to Glype Proxy

Here is a free and open-source alternative to Glype proxy: It is also available on Github: It is very easy to install and is actively developed!

Bitcoin Ticker API Currency Pairs

Bitcoin APIs to get info as tickers of currency pairs: BTC-E API Get tickers of currency pairs: Example JSON output: {"btc_usd":{"high":920.131,"low":885.421,"avg":902.776,"vol":4146627.05813,"vol_cur":4565.11853,"last":910.001,"buy":910,"sell":907.601,"updated":1485037785}}{"btc_usd":{"high":920.131,"low":885.421,"avg":902.776,"vol":4146627.05813,"vol_cur":4565.11853,"last":910.001,"buy":910,"sell":907.601,"updated":1485037785}} Bitfinex API Get tickers of currency pairs: Example JSON output: {"mid":"926.125","bid":"926.12","ask":"926.13","last_price":"926.12","low":"893.51","high":"931.01","volume":"12287.92666178","timestamp":"1485038233.029052396"}{"mid":"926.125","bid":"926.12","ask":"926.13","last_price":"926.12","low":"893.51","high":"931.01","volume":"12287.92666178","timestamp":"1485038233.029052396"} Bitstamp API Get tickers of currency pairs: Example JSON output: {"high": "928.00", "last": "922.91", "timestamp": "1485039131", "bid": […]

Download CSV Top 1 Million Websites by Popularity

Download in CSV format the top websites by popularity: 1) Top 1M websites by Majestic Ref: Majestic Million CSV now free for all, daily 2) Top 1M websites by Alexa Ref: Alexa Top Sites API (Paid) 3) Top 500 websites by Moz Ref: Moz’s list of the top 500 domains 4) Top […]

Swiper: Best Modern Mobile Touch Slider

Looking for the best jQuery mobile touch slider? Swiper – is the free and most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. It is intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps. Designed mostly for iOS, but also works great on latest Android, Windows […]

Compress PNG\JPEG images online with web tools

I found a few free online web services that let you compress PNG and JPEG images online from your web browser, you just need to upload the image and the web service will compress it, reducing the image file size of up tp 90% maintaining a good image quality. I found them useful because I […]