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GDPR Recommendations for AdSense Publishers

Some recommendations to be GDPR-compliant with AdSense: 1) Write a link to Google Privacy policy in your cookie banner/privacy policy: 2) Stop personalized ads for European EU traffic on AdSense: 3) Create a proper privacy policy page 4) Write on the privacy policy that personalized ads are disabled 5) Use a cookie banner script […]

Compress MP4 videos online for free

Do you need to reduce file size of MP4 videos? You can compress videos online for free and without the need to install any software or add-on on your computer. VideoSmaller is a free web service (SaaS) that lets you compress videos of up to 500MB online and for free! You just need to select […]

Stop ad blocking on your website

Some valid solutions to stop ad blocking on your website: BlockAdblock is an easy-to-use system for recapturing lost revenue from your website or blog, and it is completely free to use. It can help you by showing your website’s content only to users that disable their ad blockers on your website. Once an user […]

Unminify CSS and Javascript with online tools

Do you need to unminify or uncompress CSS and Javascript code? We have found some free web tools useful to uncompress minified CSS and Javascript code, so it will become easily readable again. I personally tested these tools with some minified CSS files and they were successfully unminified/uncompressed perfectly and in just a few seconds. […]

Monitor Changes on Web Pages with Visualping

Today I found a cool web service name that can help you monitor changes on web pages and get notifications via email when something changes (you can select the area to monitor!). I’ve used it to monitor Amazon prices and it worked perfectly. You can use it to monitor price changes, seasonal promos, web […]

Free Website Uptime Monitoring with Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a must-have web service that helps keep your website up by monitoring the website uptime. It has a free plan that allows you to do 50 monitors checked every 5 minutes, moreover you can have also a custom web page to show your teammates or visitors the website uptime stats, here is […]

Increase volume of videos online for free

Do you need to increase or reduce the volume of video files? We found VideoLouder converter that lets you increase or decrease the volume of video files online and for free! You simply need to select a video file (max 500MB) and upload it on the service, then wait a few seconds (or minutes, it […]

How to check if a website is a scam?

When I need to buy goods online from unknown websites I always use free services to check the reputation of these shopping websites before buy something from them. There are many smart ways to check if a website is a scam, I always check the website reputation on multiple sources, I check if the shopping […]

Free Alternative to Glype Proxy

Here is a free and open-source alternative to Glype proxy: It is also available on Github: It is very easy to install and is actively developed!