How to Correctly Backup and Restore /etc/letsencrypt

Simple steps to correctly backup and restore /etc/letsencrypt folder. First you need to compress /etc/letsencrypt with tar: tar czf /root/letsencrypt.tar.gz /etc/letsencrypttar czf /root/letsencrypt.tar.gz /etc/letsencrypt To restore it on another server make sure to preserve symlinks! Copy /root/letsencrypt.tar.gz on the new server. Uncompress letsencrypt.tar.gz with gunzip: gunzip letsencrypt.tar.gzgunzip letsencrypt.tar.gz Then uncompress the .tar archive using tar […]

Improve TP-Link TL-MR6400 WiFi Download Speed

I recently got a TP-Link TL-MR6400 to use it with a 4G SIM card. However once I configured all I noticed that the WiFi download speed was 50% slower than with wired (cable). So I made a quick test by disabling the WiFi password (check “Disable Security”): And I immediately noticed the WiFi download speed […]

Best Software Licensing Services to License Your Apps

If you plan to sell a software application for Windows, Mac or mobile devices you will need a software licensing system to license and distribute your application. You don’t have to rehinvent the wheel by creating your own software licensing system, you can use one of the most modern and affordable software licensing services: 1. […]

Merge Two Redis Databases via PHP

Simple PHP script I used to merge two Redis databases. In short, the PHP script adds all redis-1 database (0) data to redis-2 database (0). The PHP script first retrieves all keys->values from redis-1 database (0) and then it adds via set() all keys->values to redis-2 database (0). // Connect to Redis Database 1   […]

How to Connect to Redis Database via PHP

First make sure to install PHP extension for Redis: On Debian-like OS you can install it this way: apt-get install php7.0-redisapt-get install php7.0-redis Then you can connect to Redis via PHP this way: $redis = new Redis();   try { $connected = $redis->connect(‘’, 6379, 1); } catch(Exception $e) { echo "Failed to connect to […]

PHP Shell_Exec() Get Complete Output as String

With PHP you can use shell_exec() to execute a command via shell and return the complete output as a string, here si a quick example to do so: $output = shell_exec(‘ls -lart’);$output = shell_exec(‘ls -lart’); However some commands like “gunzip -t” may show empty results. To fix that, just add 2>&1 to the end of […]

How to Install OpenSSH SSHD Server on Debian Linux

You can install OpenSSH sshd server under Debian via apt-get. First make sure apt-get repositories are up-to-date: apt-get updateapt-get update Then you can install OpenSSH server: apt-get install openssh-serverapt-get install openssh-server By default OpenSSH sshd server opens port 22, check it with netstat: netstat -tulpn | grep :22netstat -tulpn | grep :22 Recommended: Check out […]

Download Windows 10 19H1 Build 18252 ISO Images

Windows 10 19H1 (Version 1903) Build 18252 is available officially for insiders in “Fast ring and Skip Ahead”. You can read what’s new on Windows 10 Build 18252 to know what bugs have been fixed and what new features have been added. The user @WZorNET has shared on Twitter a link to download official & […]

Download Windows 10 October 2018 Update 1809 ISO Files (Official)

You can download the latest ISO image file of Windows 10 October 2018 Update 1809 from website by using the program named Media Creation Tool, it lets you download Windows 10 1809 .ISO file directly on your computer. Download Media Creation Tool from this link: Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) – Microsoft […]

Disable MySQL Binary Logging (Turn Off Log_Bin Variable)

You can disable MySQL binary logging by adding this line to /etc/mysql/my.cnf: skip-log-binskip-log-bin Make sure to add it below [mysqld] section. Then restart MySQL service like this: /etc/init.d/mysql restart/etc/init.d/mysql restart To verify binary loggin is disabled, login to MySQL as root and type: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "log_bin";SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "log_bin"; The result should be like […]